The Rest of Egypt

We can think of Aswan as having started the 2nd leg of our trip in Egypt. After the 14-hour overnight trip there from Cairo, the next few days would be us making our way back and sleeping a few nights in the cities we passed. So from the 3rd day/night the itinerary looked something like this:

Day 3 – Aswan – Basma Hotel

Day 4 – Nile Cruise on a Felucca

Day 5 – Luxor – Lotus Hotel

Day 6 – Luxor

Day 7 – Hurghada – Caves Hotel

Day 8 – Hurghada

Day 9 – Hurghada

Day 10 – Cairo – Oasis Hotel

My favourite thing to do in every new city is to buy a sim card and data. I hate hogging WiFi hotspots, that plus I’ve been told about how the security is sometimes compromised. The downside however is receiving messages about your package on your phone in a language you don’t know or understand. But do not fret… google translate is your friend.

We didn’t stay long in Aswan, possibly one night and then went off to Luxor. In Luxor we had many novel experiences including dinner in a Nubian home. The Nubians are spirited and calm, they believe in herbs and live with animals. We ate dinner at a home that caged 2 Crocodiles, something animal rights activists would hurt for.

All the while we visited many temples, some more interesting that others, some larger than life and others a sign that the Egyptians were amazing Civil engineers and Architects. The Egyptians also had a thing for graves, in Luxor there is also a Valley of the Kings that could very well be synonymous with the Valley of the Graves with about 60 or so graves in that space. The other thing to note is that the Pyramids were also graves for Kings. I would be interested to know what their fascination with death had been.

I had multiple other favourite experiences in Egypt. Like no one tells you how you’ll feel hearing King Monada sing Idibala while you are night cruising on the Nile in winter on an open Felucca. It was surreal having every guest and staff dancing to our South African beats. I’ll always remember that night as Idibala on the Nile.

Another favourite was walking on the Red Sea in Hurghada, can you imagine having read Exodus and then experiencing that…It was incredible.

What I’ll always remember Egypt for though are the gunmen… That’s how the other half lives.

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