Homes like office parks…


I remember feeling an incredible edge to drive away that Friday night. I was home, my favourite place in the entire world… But that day it felt like walls made to keep me in. I wanted the smell of the sea, the thrill of the open road and the freedom of doing whatever the hell I wanted. But here I was at 10pm, unable to leave, my brain a lot more rational than my heart.

The next morning I drove approximately 90km before I arrived at Riebeek Kasteel. It started to drizzle as I drove in, almost to say “welcome”. Cape Town was dry. So water, no matter the quantity was hope. I left my apartment that morning because homes like office parks can feel like a trap. The kind of shackles you want to lose every now and then. Give yourself a break, the random gap day.

So as I drove into RK I saw what looked like a church and decided that’s what I’d use to anchor myself. Down the street from there was a little restaurant called One Wine Bar & Bistro, right opposite the Royal Hotel. I decided I’d have my breakfast there. I settled on a cappuccino and warm scones with butter, jam and cream… Yes, yes the cream was necessary for indulgence. I sat there savouring every bite. I sat for another hour after I finished eating, reading; Allah is not obliged by Ahmadou Kourouma.

I made no plans, not for lunch, not for time to return home, not for anything. I allowed the experience to decide if it was enough or not. I saw all kinds of things. I spoke to different store owners and I got a few spoils. My favorite of these was a pack of 20 black and white cards with different messages <3. I cannot wait to create a wall space for them, that or give them away one at a time. I may actually even prefer that.

I loved Riebeek Kasteel. It’s the kind of town you wanna visit over and over and over, alone, with your human, with your girlfriends… for novelty’s sake.

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