Itchy feet are happy feet

My feet have been itchy for a little while now. I know this because my most popular google search is “countries that don’t require a visa” followed by “flights to …”. A window shopping exercise. It got me thinking about how we make travel decisions.

Is it as impulsive as buying an item of clothing or technology on Amazon or Superbalist? Is it a thought through, well researched plan, a combination of planning and impulse, a bucket list exercise or a goal to see all the regions in your country (or another country)?

Captured on the Highline in New York

I bet there are variations/combinations of these for different people. In fact I did a quick survey on a travel group to check my assumptions. For full disclosure all the participants in the survey were females from across the globe. The question I posed was:

How have you made your travel decisions for both local and international travel? Is it a rational decision or is it as impulsive as online shopping? 

I got 45 responses. Not the easiest data to summarize but here’s a very simplistic representation:

  • Impulse – 18 (Incl. bargains and deals)
  • Planning – 11 (incl. travel agency, cost of travel, research)
  • Other – 7 (incl. food, inspiration, events)
  • Combination of impulse and planning – 5
  • Bucket list – 4

I found that people who aren’t traveling for the 1st time or have some money to spare can be a lot more impulsive. Other people combine saving and planning in order to prepare financially. Others seem to plan every detail of their travel down to the socks they’ll wear on a any given day. Some plan for the more expensive and expansive trips but let impulse reign for cheaper less involved trips.

I tend to act on “impulse” only once I have some money saved. The planning bit is only to accumulate savings. My next trip is through c the world and therefore I’m saving into the agency’s account as opposed to my own account. I find that booking through an agency is useful if you foresee yourself having a lot of unexpected expenses. As this would often cause you to use your travel savings account for surge and emergency expenses.

How have you made your travel decisions? Which category do you fall into?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tshidi Tseke says:

    I fall in the category of planning trips hehehe. I need time to check if i will have a good place to stay, check if my travel partmer( these days its my husband) will be off the weekend of the travel since he works shift. The only thing that is impulsive at most times is the day road trips…..


    1. dreamnavi says:

      I think I rely in my ability to make a plan too much


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