Genesis – What a book

I haven’t written in a little while but I’ve been reading. Wait for it. Towards the end of 2017 I accepted a challenge to read the bible, cover to cover. And I’ve just finished the first book. Genesis.

Now that that’s out of the way, the record of creation was a proper mindbend. God created the sun and the moon in verse 16 but created light in verse 3. “Wait wait wait.” This was a question from my friend, “So which light did He create in verse 3?”. He created humans (male and female He created them) in Chapter 1 but formed Adam and Eve in Chapter 2. I really need to find The Bible Story.

A sunrise from the window of an SAA flight

And can we talk about Jacob and Esau. Anyone else feel bitter that in Exodus, God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac and JACOB? I mean he was a thief, a manipulator. And God was still for him. Does my performance personality show right there? And how forgiving am I now? And don’t get me started on the thrill of that bloodless coup. Isaac kept saying are you sure you are Esau? He said, “you have the skin of Esau but the voice of Jacob”. It’s a pity Esau didn’t walk in at that very point and kick his brother’s butt. But let’s also not forget Esau sold his birthright for soup. Maybe he had it coming.

And then there was Lot and his daughters. In one chapter Lot is selling his virgin daughters (instead of the 2 male angels) to the men of Sodom (Genesis 19). Thank God they refused to take the girls and that they were struck with blindness so they couldn’t find the door. But as if that wasn’t enough, in another text the daughters of Lot get him drunk over two days to sleep with him to preserve their bloodline. My God I gave up at that very point.

Poor Tamar… (Genesis 38) She marries a wicked man (Er) who God puts to death. And as is customary she marries his brother Onan and he also dies because of his disobedience. Note my child friendly use of words. She’s then deceived into remaining a widow by his father in law (Judah), who falsely promises to give her his youngest son. But in a twist for the ages she ends up pregnant with twins by Judah, who had though he was laying with a prostitute… Obviously that doesn’t end well because Judah finds out she’s pregnant and asks for her to be put to death. He then finds out it’s his kids and ends up forced to face his own deception.

G E N E S I S. It was only the beginning… After reading Genesis, I realise how little of my own faith I’ve studied or understand. I’m glad I made the commitment. I have more questions that answers but I hope to find them in the pages of the 65 books that remain. I hope to understand for myself who God is.

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