It wasn’t real

I worked and lived in the Namakwa region of South Africa. A desert. And that day I had been walking at the back of the office block toward the restroom. It faced the outside of our secluded office. Looking onto vast lands and desert sand. I saw a snake. It was sandy in colour with brown patterns on it’s back. I know what I saw, I remember it vividly, but it wasn’t real. A figment of my imagination had turned into a ball of venomous power.

I ran back to the front. Frantic. Desperate. Shocked. I had to be taken to hospital to be treated. I wouldn’t stop crying. I wouldn’t stop screaming. I was afraid of the ground. I was afraid of the shadows. I was afraid of everything.

I can never know whether that snake was real or not. No one ever found it or saw it’s trail. FEAR CREATES.

via Daily Prompt: Shock

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 01.41.28

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