Is it good advice, do what you love?

What if you love to eat, or listen to music? What if you love sleeping and chilling out? What if you love sex? Is there a list of acceptable loves?

“Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and “You’ll be okay doing what you love” are some of the phrases I’m sure haunt anyone that isn’t doing what they love, whether they’re making a “successful living” off of it or not. Can you turn what you love into a lucrative career and retirement plan? If you were fulfilled in the work you did but was broke, would you be happy then? Or is there a balance? And what it is?

In reality most people don’t know the validity of these statements. And I will be the first to admit that I don’t either. What I do know is thatimg_5815.jpg the times I’ve done what I love I’ve been absolutely content. My feet have always been happy when they step on new grounds. My eyes are happy returning to pictures they have liked before. (And yes I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy more than once.) The point is that I love to travel, I love airports and planes, buses and cars, transit and destinations alike. But how would it be if I had to do it all the time. Would it not feel like a job? Would I feel the same excitement I’m feeling writing about it now?

See I don’t know because I’ve never tried. For whatever reason, you’ve probably also never tried. And of those that have, there are disparate views. It’s not always a slam dunk. But what the journey always seems to promise is a way to eventually find the “sweetspot”. The tripoint between what you love, what you’re good at and what you can make money from. And perhaps the answers come one at a time. I’d like to believe that they do. Today you know what you love, at another time you’ll distill what you’re smashing at and at a different time what you can make money from.

I think we can get to a society that can express itself through work. There’s a gap where you’re meant to contribute, and I mean really contribute. Not the wake up and collect a cheque stuff. The wake up and solve problems only your specific mind can apply itself to.


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  1. Kolobe says:

    I don’t think you would love it as much, but maybe you would there are soo many places to visit


    1. dreamnavi says:

      There were 195 countries when I last checked. Imagine all the places you could go?


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